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All in One Solution

Payments, refunds, cancellations, credit card updates, reports, search, event management, and more. Everything is under one roof!

Online Payments

Collect online payments in seconds using our easy donation basket system! We have the lowest payment processing fee in the market.

Automatic Tax Receipts

Donors are automatically notified of their donations, and acknowledgement receipts are sent via email. Tax receipts can be sent automatically or annually.

Donor Ownership

Donors have complete control over their personal, payment, and donation data. This includes the ability to save credit cards for future one-click payments.

Insightful Reporting

Charities have access to advanced reporting, and data is flattened for viewing. This flattened data can be fed into any of the existing reporting tools you use!

Event Management

Create and manage events, as well as their online ticket purchase, all through your centralized admin accounts. Event pages come with maps + payment options.

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Are you currently managing your donors and donations with spreadsheets? Are you using PayPal to accept payments online? Do you struggle during tax season to issue income tax receipts? Fret no more. Get started within minutes to solve all your problems!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions we receive

  • Currently, all of our online payments are processed by Stripe. During the sign up process, you are asked to link your Stripe account with our service. Once linked, we process the payments through your own account.

  • Our online sign up process takes a few minutes and ensures that you're able to link your Stripe account or create a new one in the process. Once that's done, we verify your information within one business day. As soon as you're verified, you can start accepting online payments.

  • We've worked in the nonprofit industry and know the challenges associated with scaling and data management. We want to make that process easier, as well as cost effective. Our competitors charge ridiculous fees and don't offer modern features. We want to change that. There is no catch.